Tips on formatting your essay in 5 minutes
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Working on your essay take you much time and efforts, you have developed it for weeks. You did your best to structure it appropriately in order to illustrate the substantial research you conducted. However, when there is almost no time before the submission date, you still need to format your paper in accordance with the required formatting style. Thus, you may lack time to bring your paper to perfection to ensure it will receive the highest grade. is a custom essay writing company that deals with academic assignments. So, if you need a research paper to edit or you need a custom term paper to buy, you can always turn to us, and we will help you make your paper brilliant in due time. We render assistance to those students who need custom research papers to be done without a hitch. We can also provide you with some useful tips as to how to format your essay paper in just 5 minutes.

You should understand that no matter how well-researched and well-arranged your paper is, it will hardly give you a good mark if it is poorly formatted. The accurately formatted paper will help you achieve the best academic results. 

Here are some general rules that need to be followed while formatting a paper.

  1. Correct page settings. This is the first thing you should pay attention to while working on your paper. To set the pages accurately, you should
  • Denote page size
  • Make appropriate margins
  • Define the page layout;
  1. Headers and footers. After you set page settings, you are to insert headers and footers. In case there are more than two lines in your headers (or footers) you need to make page margins bigger, too.
  • In the menu of Microsoft Word program, you can click on Insert button and create header and footer
  • First, you need to insert a page number, and then you can fix other details. These may be your name, university name, the name of your paper, etc.;
  1. Fix headings and paragraphs. The headings are easy to format. But before doing it, you should make sure that the heading text is selected under the needed style of heading. Use Ctrl button + drag you want to select as a head at once.
  • Choose any font size or font style after you select the text as a heading.
  • The same you can do with the text in a paragraph – change its format and sizing by means of the same option (“home” menu under “styles”)
  • Then you can fix the spacing between paragraphs and alignments. Always make sure you follow the required guidelines of your essay;

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  1. Format images and graphics used in the paper. DO not ignore this step as images and graphics should also be accurately formatted. Inaccurate images and graphics formatting make a bad impression on tutors and readers. The images should neither be big nor small, as well as neither too dark nor too bright. In the Microsoft Word program, you can use image formatting tools, which will help you make the images look better. It is recommended to use a pre-defined format of images and graphics, which can help you present them better;
  2. Develop a table of content. When you finish working on content formatting, you can now insert your table of content. By clicking on references, you should select the needed type of Table of content;
  3. Make a cover page. This can be done by means of choosing the “insert” option and clicking on the “cover page” button. In the Word program, there are many already designed cover pages, so you can choose from them. Edit your title, as well as a subtitle, date of submission and other cover page details.

Now, when you have finished with formatting, you can print your paper and review it. You can apply these quick formatting tips while you are working on an essay of about 10,000 words.

However, if you still require our academic assistance with formatting or need to buy a research paper at a cheap price online, you can always contact us and we will provide you with quality work. So, for students who need custom research paper writing, is the best solution!

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