A letter of motivation is a type of cover letter. It is usually written and sent by students to international universities with the aim of applying for a graduate school of the scholarship program. The main type of this document is to provide the institution with information about the applicant in a creative manner. For this reason, the motivation letter writing should be paid close attention to and treated seriously. Much depends on the way this letter is written.

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The writing of such a letter may only seem easy. However, in reality, it causes many troubles for the applicants. Unlike a CV, where bare facts need to be provided, a motivation letter is a piece of writing, which presents specific skills and qualifications of an applicant, his/her motivation, and desires. Even though this letter should follow academic writing standards, it should also combine creative and non-traditional features of writing. A properly written motivation letter for Uni.

This letter is an opportunity for students to get a scholarship, job, internship, etc. and, that is why, it has to provide clear information on the writer’s goals, motivation, experience, personal feature, etc.

Even though it may sound easy (What can be easier than writing about oneself?), the process may turn into a real challenge for many students. The point here is not only what to write but also how to do it.

Here are some tips on how to write a motivation letter:

  • Take notes.

While you are at the brainstorming stage of writing, write down all the ideas that occur to you. You should take notes of both primary and secondary information. Write down even those points that do not seem very important. Later, you will be able to sort everything properly and remove unnecessary data. The most important thing here is not to forget anything.

  • Find out more about the university you are applying for.

A good motivation letter writer will start his work with a little research. If you want to impress the admission committee, you need to know what points to focus on. It can be done by reading the information about the university and finding out what values are the most valued, what requirements to the candidates are the most crucial, etc. In such a way, you will modify your letter and tailor it towards the specific requirements. Depending on the preferences of the university, you can speak more about your humanitarian interests or academic achievements.

  • Figure out for yourself why you are the best candidate.

You can only persuade others that you are the right candidate if you believe in it. You must explain why you are better than hundreds of other candidates and what contribution you can make. Prior to answering this question before the admission committee, try to answer it yourself.

  • Review your achievements.

It is the most appropriate time to create a list of your academic achievements when writing a motivation letter for university. Not all of them may fit the requirements of the university but some of them will. Use them to stress your strong points.

  • Create an outline.

After you collected all the necessary information, start organizing it into a preliminary outline. You should identify the place for each piece of information to make it flow.

  • Create the first draft.

After you have finished writing the outline, use it to create your first draft. Remember that it is only the first version of your letter, so do not be too harsh on yourself. Also, pay attention to the motivation letter format.

  • Check the latter some days later.

After the letter is written, it does not mean that it is ready. Read it a few days later to check whether everything in it is how you want it to be. It may happen that some parts will seem not interesting or good enough for you, and you will need to rewrite them.

  • Ask someone to provide feedback.

Asking for someone to read your letter and provide their opinion on it is a good practice. It will help identify weak points of your letter and spot the areas for improvement. Still, make sure the person that will read it has the necessary expertise to provide feedback for a paper of such type.

  • Make revisions.

If you think that some parts of the letter can be improved, it means that it can be done. Make revisions and compare several versions of the letter to choose the one that seems the best for you. Make sure you remove the redundant ideas. Pay attention to the fact that all ideas should be closely connected to the central theme of your letter. If you see that some ideas do not fit, remove them.

  • Pay Attention to length.

Please note that a motivation letter is not an essay or some research paper. Usually, the requirements for length are indicated on the website of the educational establishment. Still, if this information is not available, remember that the length of such a letter should not exceed two-three pages. Going with one page is the safest option.

  • Stick to the particular order of ideas presented.

To deliver the message in your letter effectively, you should provide the most important arguments first and then go down to less sufficient information.

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The Difference Between Cover Letter and Motivation Letter

When you write a motivational letter, it is important not to confuse it with a cover letter. There is a difference between these two letters and it will be discussed below.

Many motivation letter writers find it difficult to distinguish between the two letters. In simple words, the difference is that a cover letter is a summary of the information provided in a CV, while a motivation letter is a list of skills, qualities of a candidate mixed with an explanation of a purpose and motivation of a candidate to apply for a college or university.

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What Is the Structure of a Motivation Letter?

Depending on the number of paragraphs in your letter, it can be structured in two ways.

  • 3-paragraph structure. In such motivation letters, each part of the letter equals one paragraph (Introduction, main body, conclusion).
  • 5 to 7 paragraph structure. Here, the main body is divided into 2-3 paragraphs.

Our Process

Main Elements of a Motivational Letter

Each motivation letter writer should include the following parts into his/her motivation letter:

  • Introduction: This section includes such information as contact info, personal data, objectives of application, statement of motivation, and a short introduction to the information provided in the other parts of the letter.
  • Main Body: It is the main part of the letter, and it should include information on achievements, experience, skills, etc. The information provided here should support your motivation statement and explain why you fit the position.
  • Conclusion: In addition to summarizing the key points of your motivation letter, it should also contain a “thank you” note.

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