Progressive delivery

Larger papers or those that are more intricate or complicated than regular-type assignments can be difficult to manage. Therefore, it is important to find an efficient way of managing them and this is what our company’s progressive delivery service is designed to do. If you require, for example, a ten-page assignment in single line spacing or a twenty-page one in double line spacing, progressive delivery allows you take delivery of your paper in convenient and easy-to-manage parts.

Progressive Delivery –Essential Features and Advantages

Save extra 10% on each and every order by receiving 300 words/page instead of 275 words/page offered by most of the essay writing websites.
  • While tracking bulky orders is not necessarily an easy task, this can be made more manageable by taking delivery of an order section-by-section. Moreover, receiving one section at a time gives you sufficient time to ask us to implement any revisions you feel are necessary before it is time for you to submit it.
  • You can be assured your paper will be written by a qualified writer and checked by a meticulous editor.
  • A bigger window for requesting revisions. While we usually require revision requests to be submitted within two (2) days, our customers have the option of up to one month (30 days) if they choose this service.
  • Every order received by our company is allocated to a competent and experienced member of our management team. The job of this person is ensuring that a) all contact/communication between our writers and our customers is efficient, prompt, and timely and that b) orders are completed in a successful and satisfactory manner.

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Example of how we deliver orders by progressive delivery*:

  • Assume the deadline agreed with the customer is 4 days or less: Once half this time (50% of it) has elapsed, the customer will receive one section of the assignment they ordered from us (i.e. they receive this section within 2 days where the deadline is 4 days). Moreover, the section they receive will equal 25% of their order’s size (i.e. they receive 5 pages where the total order size is 20 pages).
  • Assume the deadline agreed with the customer is 5 – 11 days: Once quarter and half this time (25 and 50% of it) have elapsed, the customer will respectively receive two sections of their assignment i.e. 25% first and then 50% of it.
  • Assume the deadline agreed with the customer is 12 or 12-plus days: Once quarter, half, and three-quarters of this time (25%, 50%, and 75% of it) has elapsed, the customer will respectively receive three sections of their assignment i.e. 25% of it first, then 50%, and finally 75% of it.

Despite the benefits of this additional service, the price is extremely reasonable: Just add 15% to the cost of delivery by regular methods!

*If you find the delivery method we have outlined in the above paragraph is not entirely satisfactory for you, please feel free to ask the person who is managing your order to work out a more suitable solution for you. You should find that members of the team are always delighted to help.

Draft Service

The provision of draft papers is another additional service offered by Essentially, we can let you have a 1-page draft comprised of 300 words for double-spacing orders and 600 words for single-spacing orders when we reach the halfway mark on the deadline clock. In the event we agree a deadline of 4 days with you, for example, you will be eligible to receive your draft upon 2 days of this time passing.

Summary Service

Summaries of papers are useful and recommended for a number of different situations, one of which is presenting information to a live audience. This is a service that offers so feel free to request a one-page summary outlining the most vital information or points from a larger paper.

Extended Revision Service

We guarantee to revise all papers at no extra cost for up to two days (48 hours) after delivering them to the customer. We also offer the option of an “extended revision,” which lengthens the amount of time allowed for requesting no-cost revisions to two weeks (14 days).