Online assignments have become a traditional part of the modern studying process, and student forums are often more crowded and engaging than classrooms. Online discussions involve students, teachers, and tons of visual information that is fun and easy to perceive. In order to become an active member there, you need to cope with your discussion board post assignment successfully.

Such a task can become your chance to win the other students’ respect, become noticed by the professors, and practice wrote communication. In order to achieve all this, you need to do your best and focus while preparing your discussion post. If you are wondering how to write a good discussion, the tips and tricks collected in this article can become your manual and boost your chances for success.

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What is a Discussion Board Post?

Many online courses use special websites with various platforms for information storage, registering, online communication, etc. One of such platforms, a discussion board, allows the students of one course to post short and informative blocks of visual materials related to the current topic and discuss them online. Such materials are called discussion board posts, and they usually relate to one of the themes addressed during the semester.

How to Write a Discussion?

The specific requirements for your discussion board post assignment will be given by the professor, and you will have to stick to them and follow every word from the guiding file. However, we can help you with some suggestions that will make the writing process more effective:

  • Take on the assignment as soon as you can. Writing a discussion board post may take more time than you think, especially if the topic is broad and requires much research. Thus, never put it off and do the writing right away.
  • Clarify the instructions. Many students do not want to ask too many questions because they do not want to bother the teacher or seem helpless. However, some small errors caused by misunderstandings can cost you a lot of points, so it is always better to clarify everything at the very beginning.
  • Find the requested literature. A written discussion must be supported by evidence from the sources of literature, so make sure you have all the information that you need.
  • Check the other’s posts. Find the most successful board posts that received the audience’s attention and teacher’s approval, and analyze what was so special about them. Try to apply the same tools to your post.
  • Pay attention to proper referencing. Every quote or indirect mentioning of some idea requires a proper citation so that others could find the source of information and validate your arguments. Check the required referencing style and use it in your post.
  • Find visual materials. To make your post attractive, you need to complete it with images, charts, graphs, or any other appropriate visual materials.
  • Proofread the text before submitting. Discussion board post writing is never complete without a proper proofreading process, which polishes it to perfection and ensures the flawless form for the well-prepared content.

discussion board post assignment

Why should I do my discussion board post?

Discussion board post assignment is multifunctional and very useful for the students. For instance, by doing this task, you will learn how to:

  • Conduct your own research and obtain valuable data;
  • Learn the studying material better by presenting it to the audience;
  • Formulate clear, concise messages in the brief format;
  • Appeal to the audience and make your writing more engaging.

Indeed, this kind of assignment can help you gain a lot of new skills and understand the topic better, which is why it is totally worth doing it. However, there is also a downside to this task, which every student faces. Due to its complex nature, the professors often make this task significant for the final grades. This clearly places a lot of pressure onto the students, who need to strive not only for the quality writing but also for the high points and decent assessment.

Besides, the process of writing involves spending hours and hours on the forum, where you need to scroll down the discussion and read every comment posted before you. This is done with the purpose of avoiding repetition and finding ways to address the ideas expressed by the other students. Yet, although this stage of work is useful, it is not very favored by the students, as it consumes a lot of time and is often very tedious. Moreover, once you post your materials, you will have to take an active part in the discussion, reply to comments, make explanations, etc. Thus, the amount of work that it takes is more than you probably imagine, which is often a problem for students with busy schedules and piles of writing assignments.

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