• What country is my writer from?

    Our international writing base comes from all over the world. However, each writer is a native English speaker that has a firm grasp of the English language. Each professional demonstrates sufficient understanding of many different academic topics to obtain the quality of writing corresponding to the student’s academic level of difficulty.

  • May I choose a specific writer?

    Every return customer of Super-Essays-Service.com may request the writer of his or her choice if that writer has completed previous work for the customer. When placing an order for academic writing, we require the customer to click “Preferred Writer”. Then customer may choose the preferred writer. This process must be strictly followed.

  • Are your writers skilled?

    To ensure the high standards of quality surrounding our service, we carefully examine the skill set of each of our writers based on the following parameters:

    • a minimum of 5 years professional writing experience;
    • we administer a complex English test and require the writers to submit essays;
    • we examine each writer’s writing scores and evaluations;
    • we carefully note each writer’s willingness to complete complicated assignments and to work with our customers on a one-on-one basis.


  • What if I am dissatisfied with my paper?

    We have a money-back guarantee that says all customers will be satisfied with their work or they will receive a full refund. However, we ask that the customers first allow us to make revisions and amendments, which we provide free of charge.

  • What are the deadlines for revisions?

    Customers have a total of 48 hours (for common papers) and 30 days (for 20+ page papers) after they receive their completed papers as their designated revision period.

  • Can you answer a question about my order?

    Customers that have questions about their orders may choose the Live Chat interface that is embedded on our website to talk to our support team.

  • Do you offer discounts?

    Yes, we offer two types of discounts to our customers that they can use when placing an order:

    • one-time discount codes and
    • lifetime discount codes.

    New customers need to apply for a one-time discount. This can be accomplished by contacting our customer support team with the request. Returning customers are entitled to a lifetime discount code which will be issued based on the individual’s history with Supper-Essays-Service.com.


  • What is your pricing policy?

    Our pricing policy is based on varying criteria. We ask that our customers visit our Pricing page for more detailed, in-depth information.

  • What are the conditions of lifetime discounts?

    Return customers are eligible for the following discounts:

    • 5% lifetime off for 20 pages;
    • 10% lifetime off for 51-100 pages;
    • 15% lifetime off for more than 100 pages.

    Customers that seek a discount for a specific order can contact our customer service team which will provide them with their code. We accept one code per order, please. Super-Essays-Service.com exists to make our customers happy. We strive to accomplish this goal by offering the best customer service, writing, and experience for our customers at prices they can afford.


  • What credentials do your writers have?

    We employ a staff of professional, native English-speaking writers that have, at minimum, Bachelor's or Master’s degrees from accredited universities worldwide. Most writers have Ph.D. degrees, and some of them were college professors before their employment with Super-Essays-Service.com.

  • Am I allowed to speak with the writer who will be working on my paper?

    Absolutely! Our customers are allowed to communicate with their writers by submitting messages in the appropriate place on their Order page. We send email notifications about messages received in one’s inbox.

  • Is there a possibility my order will be plagiarized?

    There is no way this may happen. Every paper provided by the writers of Super-Essays-Service.com is written from scratch. It is fully customized and is written for that specific person. Our professional editors scan every paper to assure that no plagiarism is contained. We guarantee this, and we guarantee that no paper sold by our service will be plagiarized. Every customer may request a free anti-plagiarism report that proves the work is original.

  • Do you keep pre-written essays?

    For the convenience of our clients, we maintain a database of previously completed papers that are accessible only to the customers that originally placed the order. We keep the papers available for a year after the order has been completed. It is then purged from our system. We never resell any paper written by the writers of Super-Essays-Service.com.

  • What about formatting?

    All our academic papers come in a standardized academic format unless otherwise requested by a customer. Typically, we put 1” margins on all sides of the page and enter approximately 300 words per page. The page is formatted with 12 point Times New Roman font and is double-spaced. If a customer requests specific formatting for his or her paper, he/she is asked to include these requirements on the order form.

  • When will my custom paper be completed?

    When a customer places an order with Super-Essays-Service.com, he or she is allowed to choose from several delivery options. Regardless of the option chosen, the paper is guaranteed to be delivered by its deadline. To ensure the highest quality of any academic paper and for our academic research assistants to conduct the necessary research, our writers require a realistic amount of time. Customers should include any pertinent customization materials when the order is originally placed. If they fail to do that, the deadline for the order will also be postponed. If our customers choose the Super-Essays-Service.com Progressive Delivery option, they will receive an individual delivery schedule that will be followed up by the writer assigned to the project.

  • What is Progressive Delivery service?

    Progressive Delivery service is a unique service designed specifically for completing extensive academic works, such as Dissertations, Theses, Capstone Projects, and so forth. Any customer that would care to order one of these papers and wishes his or her order to be delivered section-by-section, as the writer progresses, may request Progressive Delivery for an extra charge.

  • What opportunities suggested in Progressive Delivery?

    Progressive Delivery will also enable the customer to:

    • Maintain close communication with the writer working on the paper
    • Plan and schedule one’s academic writing in advance
    • Receive dissertation or thesis writing by sections

  • How works Progressive Delivery?

    Progressive Delivery works this way:

    • You place an order and we set up a Progressive Delivery and payment plan for you.
    • We assign the most qualified writer to start working on your order.
    • The writer delivers each part of the order according to the PD schedule.
    • Your comments and reviews on each part after it is completed by the writer.
    • Each part can be revised according to your comments while the writer continues working on the next part of your order.
    • You receive a fully completed paper that requires minimal or no revisions.

  • How do I fill in the order/inquiry form?

    Please go to the order form. Once there, please specify your topic, page count (excluding the title and the bibliography page), delivery date, and the number of sources. Be sure to leave your comments on how exactly you would like your order to look. You also need to indicate the course title, writing style, and any other important details. Your comments are important to our writers to get an understanding of what kind of work your assignment requires. In case you have any questions while submitting your paper information into the order form, just click on the “info” sign after every field name and you will see a detailed hint in the pop-up window on what exact information is required.

  • How will I be able to send my case study/articles/materials to the writer?

    After you are through with the order form, you will be automatically provided with your order page at Super-Essays-Service.com. Any of the required case studies/articles/materials can be attached directly to the “Files” list of your order page if you have previously selected this option in the order form. As soon as the materials are uploaded to that list, they become visible to the writer. If you experience any difficulties with uploading your files, feel free to contact our operator and ask for assistance.

  • Can you please tell me about my Order Page?

    A customer’s “Personal order page” is the place where the customer can track the progress of the papers, upload materials, and communicate both with the administrators and writers.

  • What does order page contain?

    Please note that all personal order pages contain:

    • The “New Order” section where customers can submit their order requests
    • The “Profile” section. This section contains the customer’s personal information and also provides the opportunity for customers to change their passwords if they so desire.

    Inside each of your orders placed with Super-Essays-Service.com, you will also be able to check your “Order Info” and use the“Messages” tab to communicate with your writer and administrator.

  • What if I need to change my password or I forget it?

    When placing their first orders, our customers will be required to create their passwords. If they forgot it while submitting their order forms, they can follow the link that indicates where they can change it, and they will be provided with the instructions for obtaining a new one.

  • How does Super-Essays-Service.com work?

    Super-Essays-Service.com helps pave the way to academic success by providing high-quality writing at affordable prices. All a customer has to do is fill out a basic form, pay with any major credit card or BlueSnap and wait for his or her assignment to be completed in time to meet its deadline. We ask that every customer provide our writers with as much detail as possible so they might write the best possible academic papers. 

  • What about payments with a credit card or BlueSnap?

    The customer completes the order form and pays with a credit card or BlueSnap. Should any questions arise while submitting one’s information, he or she may click “Info” to receive tips on what to do next. Once the order form has been completed, the customer is assigned a Personal Order page where he or she can track the progress of his or her paper, upload any materials that may be required for the fulfillment of the order, and send messages to administrators and writers.

  • Does the order assigned to the most qualified writer?

    Our customer service representatives are specially trained to be able to match any writing order with the writer who is best capable of fulfilling that particular order.

  • What about revisions and amendments?

    Once the writer has completed the paper, it is submitted to the customer’s Personal Order site on our website. The customer may then download the paper, read it over, and request any revisions or amendments if needed. We provide revisions and amendments free of charge.

  • Is your service confidential?

    We guarantee that all information about our customers is kept fully confidential. All personal information is used for billing purposes only and is not to be shared with any third parties. Our customer service representatives will not ask any customer to provide credit card information over the telephone. This information is to be entered only into our fully secure online payment site. To complete assignments, each customer is assigned a special customer number which is used instead of the customer’s real name.

  • Where are you located?

    We are an American academic writing assistance company that works with students from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. We accept online orders from any country, worldwide, and can accommodate any English academic writing assignment.

  • Is it safe to make payments at Super-Essays-Service.com?

    Our website is 100% safe and secure. We cooperate with BlueSnap to make sure that our customers’ money is transferred quickly and safely. Our payment methods are legally registered and are noted for their security and ease. We have completed many thousands of financial transfer operations for companies and individuals, and we have never run into any type of financial mishap. Customers can count on our protection of their financial information.

  • Why are your prices so affordable?

    It is our philosophy to provide services for any customer that might need them. Therefore, we try to keep our prices in the range of affordability for students that might be on strict budgets, without compromising on the quality of our work. We count on the fact that our customers are generally so pleased with our work that they return for many future orders after trying our services for the first time. This is what keeps our business ahead of all others. Our customers love what we do! They not only return time and again for their academic writing assignments. They also tell their friends and colleagues about what we do.

  • Who will write my paper?

    Every professional writer that works for Super-Essays-Service.com has at least one area of academic expertise. When a customer places an order at Super-Essays-Service.com, our customer service team matches the order with the writer that has the greatest amount of knowledge about the area that the topic covers. The results are stunning academic writing that helps customers get higher grades.