100+ Criminal Justice Research Topics
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The criminal justice field regulates the main laws in society. Therefore, it is as old as society itself. Unfortunately, there are always individuals, who are not going to abide by the rules determining peaceful co-existence in society. The judicial system prevents these people from violating the laws and hurting other citizens` life and welfare. It has always been honorable and prestigious to build a career in this field. As such, many young people, who are concerned about justice decide to devote their lives to this career and enter specialized educational institutions. To become good specialists and succeed in this career, they need to pass various exams, complete multiple assignments, as well as attend lectures that will provide them with the necessary amount of knowledge, skills, and competencies. If you are pursuing your degree in this dynamic area, you should be ready for many challenges and obstacles. However, we assure you that the outcome is worth all the efforts. After gaining the necessary skills, you will be able to get a well-paid job that will be also mentally rewarding.

If you are one of the students pursuing a degree in a criminal justice area, then you probably know that completing multiple academic papers on different criminal justice research topics is a common thing. Sometimes, it is not easy to select a topic that will help develop a great essay. In the following article, we are going to provide you with multiple effective tips and secrets that will help you succeed with your academic papers. Read this information attentively, and you will be able to impress your instructor by a truly professional approach.

How to Select a Great Topic?

  • Read the prompt carefully. Most probably, your professor will provide you with a set of instructions. This prompt will include the key requirements for the content of your paper and its formatting. Your professor may either give you the research topic or allow you to choose it on your own. When selecting a research topic, make sure it fits the subject matter of your course;
  • If you feel that your topic is too broad, try to narrow it down because a broad topic won`t allow you to make your paper focused;
  • If you have chosen the topic but you are not sure about it, feel free to talk to your professor and they will guide you on what should be fixed. After all, it is always better to have a good topic to work with and avoid numerous revisions;
  • Make preliminary research. A good topic is always interesting and relevant. Thus, we highly recommend you to read the current articles to find out what criminal justice research topics should be explored further. Make sure to work only with credible and peer-reviewed academic sources as it will make your research legit;
  • Brainstorm your ideas. Different students use different brainstorming techniques. If you want to organize the writing process properly, you need to create an outline or a mind map in which you will outline the key ideas and facts you are going to include in your essay. Circle your topic in the center of the page and write down the questions, arguments, and ideas related to it.
  • Choose the topic that fits your research interest. For instance, if your family is involved in agriculture, you may write your paper on water use regulations. Only by choosing the topic that is interesting to you, you will be able to make it interesting to your reader. Moreover, it will be easier to carry out your research being curious about what you do. Such a strategy will also help you be motivated and make a thorough research.

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Sometimes, choosing a great criminal justice topic turns into a great challenge. Thus, it is important to have a list of criminal justice research topics to choose something interesting from it or just for boosting your writing inspiration. If you have no idea which topic will bring you the expected outcome, make sure to check out the following list:

Common Criminal Justice Topics

  1. Discuss hate crimes towards a certain gender, race or religion.
  2. Analyze the main characteristics and legal aspects of rape crimes.
  3. What are the main reasons for police aggression? Provide real-life examples.
  4. Analyze the main causes of fraud in schools and explain which aspect of the law is involved in preventing forgery.
  5. Analyze the issues related to unwarranted arrest and violation of human rights.
  6. Analyze substance abuse and its essential characteristics.
  7. Discuss the distinctive features of homicide and murder. Prepare a comparative analysis.
  8. What is the relationship between people with mental health illnesses and crime?
  9. Juvenile delinquency and prevention of crimes: the ways for improving the situation.
  10. Discuss the recent events related to sexual harassment. Is the MeToo movement effective enough?
  11. Why it is important for vulnerable groups of people to have access to justice?
  12. Discuss the essential causes of kidnapping. Provide real-life examples.
  13. Domestic abuse. How to prevent it in a family?
  14. Discuss the mechanisms of creation of young gangs in the United States. How to solve the problem?
  15. Discuss the development of cybercrimes in the United States. How to protect users?

International Criminal Justice Paper Topics

  1. Discuss the role of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the struggle with crimes against humanity.
  2. Evaluate the role of women in international criminal law.
  3. International criminal law treaties. Discuss their essential characteristics.
  4. Gender justice in underdeveloped countries. Why gender equality is important?
  5. Analyze a selected criminal law case from a foreign country.
  6. International criminal law. An explorative study.
  7. Discuss the mechanisms of international intervention.
  8. Discuss the international reaction towards a specific crime against humanity.
  9. Investigate the international criminal tribunals.
  10. Transnational crimes. Provide a thorough analysis of a specific crime.
  11. Discuss the situation with human rights in a specific country.
  12. Analyze sexual violence regulations suggested by international criminal law.
  13. International law and plea bargaining.
  14. International criminal law and cybercrimes. An explorative study.

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Justice System Legal Paper Topics

  1. Discuss plea bargaining in the UK justice system.
  2. Mental health influence on the justice system in the United States.
  3. A common procedure in the international justice system.
  4. Curfews and Loitering. A literature review.
  5. Positive reinforcement/encouragement in the US justice system.
  6. The US criminal justice system and privatization.
  7. Discuss the main goals of sentencing in the US justice system.
  8. A comparative analysis of the US and Chinese justice systems.
  9. Investigate the code of ethics within the particular justice system.
  10. Juvenile deviant behavior in the US justice system. A literature review.
  11. The US entertainment industry and the justice system.
  12. The inequality in the US justice system;
  13. The recent changes in the US justice system. An explorative study.
  14. Investigate the insanity defense by the US justice system.
  15. Critically evaluate the role of evidence in the US justice system.
  16. Provide an in-depth review of the US criminal justice system.
  17. The criminal justice system in Great Britain.
  18. The US Constitution and the criminal justice system.

Court Topics

  1. Problem-solving courts and the main mechanisms of their work.
  2. Prepare a comparative analysis of two criminal courts.
  3. Discuss the main types of sentencing in the US and the US.
  4. Discuss the relationship between professional juries and citizens.
  5. Sentencing disparity: essential features;
  6. Evaluate the main limits and perils of the adversarial systems.
  7. Discuss the main effects of jury nullification in the US.
  8. Career twists: defense attorneys and public defenders.
  9. Adversarial system and evidence. Present a well-structured literature review.
  10. Discuss the benefits and shortcomings of a career as a criminal justice practitioner.

Death Penalty Topics

  1. Discuss the main pros and cons of the death penalty.
  2. Death penalty history in different states. A comparative analysis.
  3. Crime rates and capital punishment.
  4. Race discrimination and the death penalty.
  5. Discuss the origin of capital punishment.

Discrimination & Racism Criminal Justice Essay Topics

  1. Discuss the causes and consequences of apartheid.
  2. Critically evaluate the role of Martin Luther King Jr. in the US struggle for equal rights.
  3. Eyewitnesses and gender bias. An explorative study.
  4. Slavery history and punishment. A literature review.
  5. Discuss the relationship between the crime rate rise and immigration policy.
  6. Rap music as an instrument of the struggle with racism.
  7. Discuss the essential features of racial discrimination on college campuses. How to prevent crimes?
  8. Negotiation process and gender discrimination.
  9. Discuss the causes of police aggression against African American US citizens.

Social Justice Topics

  1. Discuss the negative impact of ageism on US society.
  2. How to deal with the consequences of healthcare deprivation?
  3. Do you agree that the labor laws are unfair?
  4. How does the US legislation deal with poverty?
  5. Are Muslim people suffering from discrimination now?
  6. Job market and fat-shaming. How to avoid discrimination?
  7. Domestic violence towards men. Is it really a problem?
  8. Discuss the essential features of discrimination against pregnant women. How to solve the problem?

Criminology Research Topics

  1. Do you agree that drunk driving is a severe crime? How such a crime should be punished?
  2. Discuss the main causes of terrorism in the world.
  3. Why art crimes are so common nowadays?
  4. Cybercrime and the ways of its prevention. An explorative study.
  5. Discuss the portraying of domestic abusers in media.
  6. How does domestic abuse impact the psychological behavior of children?
  7. Prepare a literature review on the most popular serial killers.
  8. Discuss social media as an efficient tool for fraud detection.
  9. Explain how unemployment influences the rise of crime.
  10. Discuss whether the level of IQ impacts the probability of criminal behavior?
  11. Explain why homeless people are vulnerable to violence.
  12. Crimes against animals. Why the criminal system is so loyal to animal abusers?
  13. Discuss the relation of violent computer games and an increase in crime rates?
  14. Do you agree that criminal justice can promote peace?
  15. Why crime theories do not always work?

Additional Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

  1. Discuss the origin of criminal punishment.
  2. Parental abduction laws: benefits and shortcomings.
  3. Discuss the potential dangers of identity theft.
  4. Discuss different types of serial killers. Conduct a comparative analysis.
  5. What are the reasons for juvenile recidivism?
  6. Do you opine that Jack the Ripper was really caught? Support your answer with strong evidence.
  7. Analyze the strain theory.
  8. What is racial profiling?
  9. Do you agree that all the educational institutions should adopt the obligatory drug testing?
  10. Discuss the major shortcomings of the witness protection program.
  11. What is the danger of cyberbullying?
  12. Analyze the deterrence theory.
  13. What are the key characteristics of restorative justice?
  14. Are there any obvious benefits of legalizing medical marijuana?
  15. Discuss the negative aspects of wrongful convictions.
  16. Discuss the relationship between the crime rate and social class.
  17. Analyze the relationship between aggression and crime.
  18. Do you agree that the extradition law is fair?
  19. Analyze Miranda versus Arizona case and its influence on contemporary society.
  20. How can a criminal re-enter society?

Writing a criminal justice paper can be a serious challenge for every student, especially if the deadline is too urgent. We do hope that our topics will help you boost your writing inspiration and create a great paper. Pay attention that although the choice of a great topic is very important, it is usually not enough for writing an incredible paper. To writer a wonderful piece that would impress your professor, you need to develop your topic from different perspectives. Your arguments and ideas should be strong and supported by sufficient evidence. In your work, you need to use only the most credible and relevant sources that will provide you with accurate data. Depending on the type of criminal justice essay you write, you need to structure your text perfectly. What is more, you should not forget about the right format. If your professor asked you to format your paper in APA, you need to follow this requirement precisely as it is an essential part of your grading rubric.

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