Nursing Research Topics
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Nowadays, nursing is one of the most popular fields in the USA and worldwide. No wonder, such a career is particularly rewarding not only monetarily but also mentally. If you are pursuing your degree in the nursing field, you need to be ready that your road to academic success will be pretty challenging. You will have to complete various assignments, tests, and academic papers that will help you gain the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary for building a career in this field. A nursing research paper is one of the common assignments in all the colleges and universities since it helps the students demonstrate their level of preparation, as well as obtain new knowledge and skills about the nursing theories and concepts. One of the most common nursing research questions arises from nursing research. To bring you the best grade, your study should be as innovative as possible. It is because the nursing field is particularly dynamic. Every day, new treatment methods and instruments appear and if the students want to get the best grades for their papers, they should analyze the latest innovations within this area. Also, it would be great if you could relate your nursing topic to ethics, history, sociology, and other related areas.

As for the layout of your research paper, we would like to emphasize that you should follow the common format that includes an abstract, an introduction, the main body of your paper, a conclusion, and the page with references. When working on your nursing research paper, you need to follow the professor`s requirements very thoroughly because even a single mistake may lead to academic failure. Therefore, before you start working on your nursing paper, you need to make sure you understand the professor`s prompt carefully. In case some points seem unclear to you, we recommend you to arrange a meeting with your professor and discuss all the controversial details. When not given definite requirements, the students may get confused trying to understand which topic would bring them the best grades. As for the common guidelines, you need to select the topic that will perfectly fit your research interests. Nursing research papers are usually rather lengthy. Therefore, you will need to spend much time writing it. Writing your paper on the topic that seems too boring to you, the writing process will turn into torture. Also, the topic for your nursing paper should be pretty narrow. We assure you that writing your paper on a too broad topic, your research will be too shallow. Finally, your topic for a nursing research paper should be relevant to your subject. You need to introduce the facts and concepts that were not discussed earlier. We assure you that only by presenting the innovative research, you will be able to impress your professor.

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Common Types of Nursing Research

If you need to carry out an in-depth investigation, make sure you are aware of the common types of nursing research. Check out these types below and select the one that fits your research topic best of all:

  1. Basic research. This research is also referred to as fundamental. Its primary purpose is to enrich the theoretic framework with the brand new findings. This research assumes a deductive analysis that may result in the development of new theories. The research should either elaborate on the existing theories or make up a new one. Though this research may seem the easiest one, we assure you that it is not true as it requires thorough work with credible and peer-reviewed academic materials;
  2. Descriptive research. It is a non-experimental type of research that aims to explore the new meaning of the common facts whereas there is not sufficient data. Whenever it comes to the data gathering process, one should pay attention to the key methods of data collection: an interview, a survey, a questionnaire, and others. Basically, descriptive research should provide answers to the questions “What” and “Why.” Noteworthy, this research should always point out the current issues in nursing;
  3. Applied research. This type of research is always referred to as empirical research. The essential difference between the theoretical and empirical research is that the empirical one explains the practical application of the theoretical one. This type of research aims to answer the questions that relate to the use of the theories and concepts;
  4. Exploratory research. This type of research is also referred to as formative research that is always carried out on a specific topic or a specific field whereas there is no much information about it. In some cases, this study is called a pilot one;
  5. Diagnostic research. This type of research is pretty similar to the descriptive one. The only difference between these two types is in their focus. As such, diagnostic research is focused primarily on finding out what is happening. The primary goal of this study is to understand what is the cause of a particular problem and what solutions can be found. When carrying out the diagnostic research, one should create a testable hypothesis;
  6. Action research. As it is obvious from the title, the action research aims to suggest some action and provide a sound rationale for its implementation. This research is not aimed at the development of the particular theory but at suggesting a specific action;
  7. Evaluative research. When the researcher evaluates something, he or she should identify the findings and analyze them objectively, Usually, the evaluative research is particularly effective in terms of accomplishing some objectives that relate to the social, economic, and health programs.

How to Choose the Best Nursing Research Topics?

Being a student is a great challenge. Tight deadlines, confusing instructions, demanding teachers and many other obstacles are waiting on the student`s way to academic success. To maintain good performance, the student should possess not only good writing, research, and organization skills. They should also have good time-management, problem-solving, and organization skills that will help them cope with the challenging academic curriculum. One more thing that bothers the students is the choice of great nursing research topics. The process of choosing the right topic may be pretty daunting as there are many things to consider. You may even think that all the important things were already discovered and you are unable to create something interesting and innovative. We assure you that following the suggestions given below and looking at the research topics for nursing students gathered by our certified nursing experts, you will be able to create an impeccable paper that will bring you the best grade from your instructor. Take a closer look at the process of choosing a great nursing topic:

  1. Brainstorm. To make up a great topic, you need to carry out preliminary research and find out what issues within the scope of your research subject are not discussed yet. We recommend you to create the list of several topics that seem interesting and intriguing and then choose the one that will help you create a superb research paper. These topics may focus on the problems, benefits, effects, and other important concepts;
  2. Pick up the topic that is doable. Pay attention that your research should be based on many academic journals, books, and periodicals. You will never get a good grade for your paper if it lacks supporting evidence. In other words, to cover your topic properly, you need to have enough supportive materials;
  3. Be ready for adjustments. When the topic is chosen, you will start working on your research paper. However, the research may show that your topic is not formulated properly. In such a way, you will need to adjust it in such a way to make it fit your research subject.
  4. Come up with a good thesis statement. You probably know that a thesis statement is the main idea of your research paper that should be proven through good supporting arguments. A thesis statement should derive from your topic and should be clear, testable, and straightforward.

Hot Topics in Nursing

If after studying our helpful suggestions, you want to check the list of the great nursing topics and ideas that will help you write an outstanding research paper, make sure to look through the creative nursing research topic ideas gathered by our writers:

Adult Nursing Topics

  • Analyze the migraine and the ways of its treatment;
  • Discuss the importance of exercise and sports medicine;
  • Indicate the key peculiarities of the CV imaging process;
  • Discuss the ways of coronary syndrome treatment;
  • Evaluate the importance of chemical practices in patients with bipolar disorder;
  • Discuss the main causes of anxiety disorders? Are the students in the group or risk?

Pain Management Nursing Topics

  • Discuss the benefits and shortcomings of botulinum toxin.
  • Discuss the importance of the opioid use;
  • Conduct an in-depth pain limits analysis;
  • Conduct a literature review on myofascial pain rehabilitation;
  • Analyze the headache treatment protocol and its key features.

Child Research Topics in Nursing

  • Discuss the issues related to autism and vaccination;
  • Pediatric care ethics. A literature review;
  • Discuss the importance of healthy eating in children;
  • Social media influence on eating problems. How the problem can be solved?
  • Discuss three main psychological problems in infant care;
  • Discuss the effective ways of speech disorders therapy.

Good Nursing Research Topics on Elderly Care

  • Discuss the main problems faced by geriatric patients?
  • Do you opine that home is not the most convenient place for getting old? Why?
  • Explain what are the main factors enabling a nurse to identify a patient who has been abused previously?
  • Discuss the trend of aging within the context of global health.
  • Discuss the ways in which the healthcare provider should be adjusted in order to ensure high-quality health care in geriatric patients;
  • Community-based social innovations lead to healthy aging. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain your rationale.

Nursing Paper Topics on Midwifery

  • Discuss the appearance of mental illnesses in the post-natal period. How to treat these illnesses?
  • A case study on the positive birth experience;
  • Discuss the issues related to midwifery continued care;
  • Make a literature review on obese pregnant women and their safety rules;
  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of the first antenatal appointment.

Good Topics for an Essay on Nursing Career

  • Write the qualities of a good nurse essay;
  • Discuss the potential nursing role in the digital age;
  • Discuss the ways of proper medical treatment for homeless and vulnerable people;
  • Discuss the essential tools for nursing management;
  • Diversity in the healthcare field. A literature review.

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Health Promotion Nursing Topics

  • Discuss the essential duties and responsibilities of the pharmacist;
  • The role of a health promotion specialist in present-day society;
  • Discuss the main disease prevention and control initiatives in the contemporary nursing community;
  • What are the main dangers of healthcare in the digital age?
  • Discuss the relation between sport and healthy eating.

Topics About Relationship Between the Doctors and Nurses

  • Is there any need to provide nursing residencies? Support your answer with strong evidence;
  • Analyze the main difference between treatment methods of doctors and nurses;
  • Analyze the specific features of cooperation between doctors and nurses.

Topics About Stereotypes and Prejudices in Nursing

  • Why do you think the nurses are sometimes treated as sexual objects?
  • What is the role of government initiatives in supporting nursing education?
  • Discuss the significant nursing issues that frequently happen in the nursing practice;
  • Discuss the common stereotypes about the nursing career prevailing in society.

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