How to write a PhD thesis
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PhD dissertation is an important piece of academic writing that is aimed at demonstrating the ability of the PhD candidate to make thorough and substantial research. The dissertation is to contribute to the main points of the knowledge; it should address flaws in the existent research. The work you do should introduce something new in your field of knowledge.

Each university has its own guidelines and instructions as to how to develop a PhD dissertation. However, most of them have the following parts:

  • Title. The title of the work should be precise; it should contain some information on what the dissertation is about;
  • Abstract. The abstract should be some paragraphs in length that give a summary of the paper. The description of the research main issues, the methodology used by the writer to solve them, the main findings that occurred at the end, as well as the conclusion of the research are to be provided in the abstract. This part is the resume of your paper, but it is not an introduction;
  • Introduction. In the introduction, the writer is to discuss the topic and why is it significant. The problems and hypotheses of the research must be stated simply and accurately. The introduction should contain a thesis statement. Remember to make the introduction interesting, so that readers would want to continue reading. To be more precise, the introduction is to contain an overview of the issues, why they are important, thesis statement and hypotheses;

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  • Literature review. This part should explain where the problem originates from, as well as illustrate the already known facts as to how to solve it. Each study that took part in developing your thesis statement should be paid attention to in the process of literature review writing;
  • Methodology. This part may contain subsections like Materials, Methods, and Theory. The first two sections illustrate how the data was collected and what materials helped to make the research. If other researchers want to reproduce your work, they will do it with the help of these sections. In theoretical work, you should include information to help readers understand your arguments used in the thesis statement;
  • Results and discussion. The results of the research are to be presented in details. It should be clear how these results were obtained. In the discussion, the writer should interpret the results and explain how these results will fit into the existent knowledge;
  • Conclusion and recommendations. In conclusion, you are to denote the lessons you learned in the process of work, as well as the insights you got while working on the research. It is a summarization of the results and explanation of how they can be applied. In this chapter, you will also need to clarify the possibility for further research;
  • References. In the reference list, you are to mention all the sources you used in the process of the dissertation creation. The list may include books, journals, newspapers, articles, documents that were helpful in the writing. Use appropriate referencing in the dissertation writing in accordance with the citation style applied by your university.

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