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The book Connections: A World History by Edward H. Judge and John W. Langdon looks into the relationships of different world societies, whereby it draws clear pictures on their relationship at that time. It gives a more practical narration of the situation in the early times, whereby it was written using various communication techniques. For instance, the book authors have presented the situations in the early periods in the form of narrations. The narrations have shown the periodical interactions of the societies. However, the presentation of the content in the book is comparable with most of the articles because its method of exposing the early situations is increasingly complicated for the audience’s understanding. Therefore, the essay aims at looking into different perspectives that the article by Mancall presents with its content through synthesis, comparison, and contrast with the aspects of the book by Judge and John.

The article by Mancall focuses on periodic interactions between people from different social settings in the early times. The article mainly focuses on the sixteenth century, whereby it shows the interactions among the Americans. The interactions that occur in the article are based on early American societies. In addition, the article also shows the effects of the early social interactions on globalization. The article explores the globalization development in the sixteenth century.

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The difference in perspectives of expressing the history between the article by Mancall and the book by Judge and John occurs from the basis of explaining the historical situations. Although the two resources explain the historical situations that occur in the same place and time, there is a great difference in their presentation of the past. The book by Judge and John expresses individual situations through the narration of each on its own. This helps the audience to clearly understand the historical events. The article by Mancall gives the historical events in a prosaic form. The continuity of events in the articles helps the audience to relate the events in the historical concept. In addition, one is able to understand the activities in those ages more easily due to linking the events. For instance, the article contains continuous narration of sailing activities. It gives the whole process in sailing through up to the challenges that the sailors face. “Frobisher left his men to face one of two possible deaths—from an unforgiving climate or at the hands of people whom the English believed to be “Barbarians,” “savages,” and “Cannibals.” The difference in perspectives of the two articles brings a significant difference in the mode of ideas’ presentation.

The style used to present ideas in the book by Judge and John is a bit complex for an audience to understand. The book requires deep analysis for one to have a connection of activities and situations in world history. The concept of narration applied in the book by Judge and John makes the book have a lengthy storyline. This concept needs its audience to have perseverance and consistency in reading. The narration also requires the audience to be keen on the events that the book presents. This shows that the book requires much from the audience from them to understand its content. Compared to the article by Mancall, the historical events in the article are explained in a brief way. The audience of the article requires minimal effort to have a glimpse of what the article points out. In addition, the article contains more elaborate examples of early American societies and global exploration. The examples and the brief nature of the article make it have an appealing and attractive nature in explaining the historical events. Therefore, the article by Mancall is convenient to read when one wants to learn about the historical events of the early American socialization and the global exploration at the ages due to its brief ideas presentation perspective.

Narration in Langdon and John’s book is important. It helps the book audience to acquire detailed information on the historical aspects. The narrations in the book are evidently elaborate on each situation. For instance, Early American Societies were described in detail. The book authors have given enough descriptions that are simple for a person learning social historical aspects. The book also reflects what it has given in details to ensure that its audience clearly understands what the book is all about. “The full story only comes through the application of micro-historical techniques combining analysis of the European written record (much of which consists of travel narratives), Inuit sources (notably Arctic folklore and history), and modern anthropo¬logical and archaeological analysis.” The article by Mancall requires deep analysis for one to fully comprehend it. It uses short and general words with the aim of providing a brief explanation of the historical events, making it more complicated.

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Both the book and the article have presented their content on global exploration in an elaborate way. The book by Judge and John uses the perceptive of geographical representation to show the exploration. Geography presentation is manipulated in the form of maps in the book. The authors have presented the explorations through maps, whereby the audience to the book is able to have a more practical view on the social interactions of that time. Although the geographical use of maps is a complex way of presenting ideas to learning students, it helps students to think out practically on the exploration issue. Therefore, the novel is best suited for easier understanding. The article by Mancall uses the approach of the storyline of three sailors to illustrate global exploration in the early ages. The output of the approach is similar to that of the book by Judge and Langdon because they both have a practical explanation of the exploration. However, the article is more appealing in its explanation, whereby it uses a more interesting storyline. For instance, the sailors create an atmosphere of real sailing, whereby the audience visualizes them sailing. The article puts it out that “Rather than waiting for the Inuit to take the writing implements to the captives, the sailors went exploring for resources.” Therefore, the article’s perspective of expressing global exploration is better, compared to that of the book by Judge and Langdon.


In conclusion, the article and the book prove to have different ways of presenting historical ideas. The synthesis of the book by comparing and contrasting it with the article gives a clear picture on which of the two has a more significant perspective of presenting the historical events. Therefore, the brief perspective of presenting ideas in the article by Mancall gives the book by Judge and John an advantage over the article. Consequently, the book is preferred by most of the learning students with an interest to learn historical events.


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