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Global Myth

In recent years, the environmental movement has become globalized to the point of obsession. Numerous campaigns and marches for saving the Earth from abuse on the part of industrial plants and other human pollutions have stirred up debates about global warming and its true causes. Michael Crichton, an author of the book titled the State of Fear, presents a science fiction novel with an inclusion of facts, historical accounts and logics, which argues that global warming is, in fact, a form of “religion” and political intimidation that has no scientific base, thus should not be considered as real or popular.

In State of Fear, the author begins developing a story through the interaction of characters and their dialogues about the environment. Crichton (2009) opposes two forces, whereby one is based on a criminal organization, which uses the environment as a weapon, creating fake natural disasters meant to show people that the climate on the Earth is really changing. The other group of characters is aware that the change that scientists and media are advocating is false, and the dialogues between actors in the book are meant to show the reader the reasons why governments and organizations want others to believe that global warming is indeed a human-made reality. To the majority of the population, this issue is a drastic change in temperatures and the global climate due to the use of fossils, which are burnt for energy. However, industrial waste and toxic emissions are not really minimized even with the use of preventative measures, such as industrial filters or energy economy. One of the most cited reasons for global warming is the greenhouse effect, which is created based on the accumulation of heat within the atmosphere. Humans are the major contributors to this problem, and natural cycles of the Earth are rarely taken into account.

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Michael Crichton (2009) aims to educate the public that global warming is caused by a number of other things, which must be studied and proven scientifically, whereas people currently base their opinions and knowledge on myths. The author presents evidence in the form of statistics and data from sources published before the global warming media frenzy. For example, Crichton (2009) states that a change in the world’s climate and an increase in temperatures began from sixty to seventy years ago. Toxic emissions from vehicles and industrial plants were minimal, if existent at all, so the human factor is not the main cause of the environmental movement. However, during the industrial development when emissions did increase, there was a lowering in temperatures instead of a rise. It has been proven to be true, but the proportions of the planet are so giant that an immediate impact of human activities is minuscule. It is another proof that neither an increase nor a decrease in temperatures is a result of people influencing the accumulation of “gases” in the atmosphere. Just as the theory of relativity, global warming is a theory, which is proposed by scientists, governments and separate individuals to affect others. A critical moment in the global warming scare is the reason why the public and those interested have been so eager to prove that humanity is the main cause. The author makes a truthful comparison when he says that if people in the past were as centered on predictions as modern humanity is, the majority would think that the population of horses and their excrements would become a major cause of the change in the Earth’s life. However, it did not happen because horses became unneeded due to technological advancements. The same is said about useless policies in the modern world, which target the control and use of several types of fuels and toxic emissions when in reality, there is no need for such control because the world will change itself. Crichton (2009) fairly notes that no one needed to control or ban the use of horses as people naturally developed other means of transportation.

The author uses historical examples, which display how the media and popular beliefs can direct global opinions on everything of need to those exercising power. For example, Crichton (2009) presents an example of eugenics and global changes that have taken place. Many nations, including America and Germany, were fierce proponents of genetic material and its influence on humanity. Supposed scientific evidence indicated that people who were “strong, healthy and smart” had genes, which could produce better humanity. Those with unfavorable genes had to be eliminated and prevented from reproduction. It had a considerable global impact, which led to millions of people being exterminated and others sterilized or institutionalized on the account of “scientific theories”. In reality, there was no proof and scientific experiments or observations, which would support such a theory. However, people believed this because there was a need to believe. Governments wanted to control the spread and influence of races in the world, not to mention immigration and social classes. As such, this genetic theory became a popular excuse to get rid of human lives. Currently, it is well known that eugenics is a hoax since today scientists know very little about heredity, genetics and what parts of the DNA code can or should be manipulated in order to produce more evolved human beings.

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According to Crichton (2009), the true reason for such eager unification of a climate change and human activity is a benefit received from the public fear. The business world has become an environment where social responsibility competes with personal gains and morality. Corporations often use seeming honesty, deceit, and unjust manipulations to put forth an idea. It is widely known that a business will often choose its own gain over everything else, and global theories and patterns are used to promote products and investments.

As far as the influence of the environmental movement on the American politics is concerned, the government aims at controlling the population and politics by producing evidence, which is needed for people to believe and trust those with all “facts”. The preposterous nature of a “scientific” proof can be seen in statements, which have been proven false. For example, Michael Crichton (2009) provides an example of James Hansen and his predictions that temperatures will rise by almost a third of a degree, when in fact there has been an increase of one-tenth of a degree. Later, Hansen himself said that predicting climate changes could not be properly made since with time predictions become precise minimally. The author of State of Fear rightfully mentions that any predictions are only predictions, and it is always difficult to rely on any hypotheses concerning environment changes in the future decades. Even a modern weather forecast is only somewhat exact, and immediate effects of cloud cover, wind currents, and even cosmic events influence the climate. Overall, there are many examples that Michael Crichton (2009) provides to make people think twice, including the impossibility of technological predictions a hundred years ago and the inability of humanity to foresee advancements that will take place.

Without a doubt, global warming is a very difficult phenomenon to prove completely. The ice ages and the warming of the Earth in the past were influenced by a great number of environmental changes. Be it the activity of the Sun, meteoroids or comets falling on the Earth or natural changes in climate cycles, these happenings are impossible to predict or quantify. The power of the modern media and pseudo-scientific “facts” have been influencing the environmental movement a lot. Politics and lawful policies of the USA do not appear out of anywhere. There is always a specific purpose in mind. Even when one looks at the global population, class division, as well as the industrial development of specific countries, the situation is obvious. Some places are industrially advanced, while others are lagging behind. There are plenty of opportunities to redirect funding from space programs, robotics, and other futuristic researches to feed the hungry and provide medications to places which are in need. However, this does not take place. There is a famous saying that “nothing, no matter how horrible or inhumane, take place without the approval or knowledge of the government” and the global forces which influence the popular opinion. People are provided with “evidence” and scientific theories that are meant to establish control, whereby the only gain is money and power. Global warming is just another theory, which still requires proof. Human development has only begun and industrial advancements are only half a century old, and it is difficult to imagine how people, which are relatively as small as ants, can change the global climate.


In conclusion, without doubt, the climate is changing, and it may be possible that people have caused some changes in the natural process, but science and people’s opinions must rely on facts and proven theorems, not theories. Michael Crichton (2009) has presented enough reasonable evidence to conclude that global warming is a theory that must be closely studied and monitored to explicate true causes, as American policies are partly aimed at fund-raising through the propaganda of environmental threats.

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