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Communication and Sexes Film Analysis

In society, each gender is expected to play a designated role in the social context. This research looks at the influence of media on gender roles of each sex in the scope of social constructions whereby it discussed the image of women, verbal and non-verbal communications, media and early years, organization and influence of media on violence Even at the present time, the time of technological progress, feministic movements, and equality of gender rights, the issue of gender and sex roles remains sharp within the American culture.

There is nothing strange that it is described in books, articles, discussed in media, and depicted in films. How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days is a modern film that shows the roles of a man and woman; that is why it should be analyzed and evaluated as an example of gender communication. The main objective of this essay is to reveal the gender and sex roles in How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days and show verbal and nonverbal practices that reinforce the differences between both sexes.

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Film Description

The film How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days is about the relationships between a man and a woman and differences in their behavior, attitudes, and communication. Besides, this film underlines that communication is a crucial factor in relationships. Women are too talkative and emotional; very often, this irritates men. Benjamin Barry and Andie Anderson are the main characters in this film. Andie has to find a guy, date him, make him fall in love with her, and then break up, all in 10 days.

While this is going on, Benjamin Barry, an advertising executive, is striving hard to pitch advertisements for the Diamond. Benjamin, also referred to as Ben in the film, has entered into a bet in order to win the position of an advertising executive. After their first encounter, neither Ben nor Andie reveal their underlying motives. However, after their false relationships break, all their deception was revealed. The most dramatic and obvious thing was that they fell in love with each other. From this film, it is evident that the main reasons for misunderstanding and conflicts between men and women are differences in verbal and non-verbal communication.


In How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days, one can follow the theme of gender communication. One can analyze this film according to biological, psychological, and cultural theories of gender communication. According to the biological theory of gender communication, these are the biological characteristics (like male XY chromosome structure and female XX chromosome structure) that form gender differences. It means that it is natural for Andie and Benjamin to quarrel and misunderstand each other. First of all, Andie irritated and provoked quarrels intentionally to split up with Benjamin. Besides, she struggled with her feelings that are also natural for people who attract each other.

According to the psychological theory of gender communication, communication between men and women depends on their feelings, emotions, and psychic state. One can say that Andie was a highly emotional personality; that is why even without pretending, her emotions can burst out. As for Benjamin, he was able to hide even the biggest irritation and anger. It means that there was harmony between them as they completed each other.

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The cultural theory of gender communication states that the differences in verbal and non-verbal expressions of males and females belong to historical and cultural phenomena that can be explained by differences of roles and place in the society. In How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days, even being an independent business lady, Andie was underestimated by her boss. She played a stupid and naughty girl, and Benjamin even began to believe her. This film proves that men regard themselves as being more intelligent and cunning.

Biological, psychological, and cultural theories of gender communication prove that it is difficult to influence either man or woman and change their behavior or attitude. Moreover, rhetoric shapes gender and sex roles. For example, Andie behaved like a child, pretended using pet names and caresses in order to irritate Benjamin, and her rhetoric helped her. Andie used her language effectively for seducing, making fall in love, irritating, and provoking anger. Indeed, her behavior provoked very contradictory feelings.

For explaining gender, How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days portrays specific verbal and nonverbal communication practices. Verbal practices were evident in using pet names, baby talk, and lisp by Endie and speaking seriously and unemotionally by Benjamin. As to non-verbal communication practices, they help to explain gender differences even more than verbal communication. Males and females differ in delivering a speech. As for Andie, her communication was vivid, and she used many hand gestures; her facial expression and voice inflections revealed all her emotions and attitudes. Andie's gestures were descriptive and reinforced her verbal messages. Andie changed her intonation making it louder or lower depending on the situation and her intention.

Speaking about Benjamin, he did not use many gestures and controlled his behavior even in the most irritating and tense situations. The intonation of Benjamin was always the same as he was unemotional. Benjamin used body movements and eye contact to support his speech and persuade Andie in his feelings. Both Andie and Benjamin tried to control not only their verbal messages but also non-verbal ones. Their communication sounded spontaneous and natural. Emphatic gestures and spontaneous changes in behavior proved that both characters were very self-confident and knew about their personal intentions.

One can observe that both characters moved in a controlled and purposeful manner to persuade in the truthfulness of what they told each other. Without a doubt, it was difficult for them to deceive as they spent too much time together; that is why sometimes one could observe tension especially when it concerned their intimate questions.

The film has tried to find a balance in the representation of men and women. There is a substantial representation of characters of both sexes in How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days. However, the film still creates images that are misleading concerning the sex notions about the traditional roles of the genders. The focus is on their characteristics, other factors, and outcome of the film. These prince and princess characters are often out of the norm, which is traditionally expected from masculine and feminine characters. The gender roles expressed in these movies are involved and typically tend to perform the most egalitarian roles that are not linear with time.

In How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days, one can follow the theme of gender equality as both men and women here occupy the leading and prestigious positions. However, it is evident that they always compete. In the early years, girls feel that boys are stronger and better leaders. However, becoming an adult, women begin to struggle for being superior, leading, and more successful. The gender stereotypes deprive women of achieving academic degrees. From How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days, it is evident that in a close relationship there is also a competition between men and women. If men accept gender equality, there is harmony in their relationships. If they want to be superior but have no educational or financial possibility to prove this, they use violence.

How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days proves that there is a unique socializing culture between both genders. These are the men and women that create separate realities and rules in their communication. Promotion of the best possible communication between women and men in the relationships and work can facilitate a mutual understanding between them. It is necessary to promote efficient communication between men and women in the workplace. For example, in How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days, Andie felt comfortable in her workplace as she was surrounded only by women. As for Benjamin, he felt a leader; that is why he wanted to be better than his female colleagues who also did not want to be losers.

In today’s society, the media have failed to offer the reality of actual gender roles represented in the world. Instead, the media have emphasized and worked on reinforcing the gender values, images, and roles that are influenced by commercial considerations. As a result, some of the viewpoints and actual experiences are left out or shown in a negative aspect.

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Having analyzed How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days, one can understand that gender communication is still a mystery as it is difficult to understand both men and women. One can explain these differences using biological, cultural, and psychological theories of communication. The difficulties of communication between Andie and Benjamin can be explained by their biology as it is evident that both characters regard their sex as better and more efficient. Their biological nature implies defending their peculiarities and accusing the opposite sex in failures and issues.

It has been established historically that men and women are two different cultures with different communication patterns, emotional environment, and outlook. Women are too emotional; that is why there is nothing strange that Andie uses all the verbal and non-verbal ways to irritate Benjamin: pet names, baby talk, lisp, and intervention in his private world, dull and long talks. Men are too calm and unemotional, and this irritates women as it is difficult for women to predict their thoughts and behaviors.

This constant struggle between men and women has also a psychological nature. Even at the present time, psychologists try to understand why women do different things from what they say. From the film How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days, I understand that verbal and non-verbal messages of men and women also differ. Women use more verbal and non-verbal messages. Their communication is more detailed, expressive, and emotional. Verbal messages of men are dry, laconic, and short. Nor-verbal communication of women is very rich in gestures, facial expression, constant eye contact, and changes in mimics and emotions. Non-verbal communication of men is accompanied by a few gestures. For men, it is easier to hide their emotions and attitudes; that is why they are supposed to be more successful in the workplace and leading in relationships.

In How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days, I noticed that women were more skillful in deceiving. One can explain this by their use of rhetoric and a good actor play. Another thing that I have seen was that women and men have different communication styles. Benjamin tries to find solutions to the problems. Endie is concentrated more on the intimate side of the problem. In this film, we deal with competitive communication style that leads to competition, debates, and conflicts.

To my mind, men and women should use a cooperation communication style that will help them to adapt to each other and be more lenient. This film did not change the way I think about gender roles, it only confirmed that differences in gender communication provoke tense and unfriendly relationships between both sexes. Moreover, this film proves that men are more logic and rational in their communication, and women are intuitive and emotional.

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