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The Future of Robots and Development

The current research focuses on the potential future of robots and development in this revolution. May with the rapid growth being encountered, the world today will be characterized by the mass use of robots in almost all human aspects. Maybe, the artificial intelligence will be included within robots to make them be able to perform all duties that a man usually does. The development of the skynet-style robot overloads will enhance the productivity and quality of robots. However, the effectiveness of the robot technology will always be through robot-human collaboration. It is expected that the future robots will resemble human beings due to the historical compulsions. It is also expected that robots will be produced in large numbers, thus replacing man in most of the jobs. However, the joblessness among people would be compensated by the high volumes of wealth that would be accumulated through the use of robots. The application of robots would stimulate large scale production of goods, and the wealth created would help to cater for food, clothing and shelter among people. It is estimated that many sectors of industries and services are likely to disappear with the use of robots. In the coming days, robots would have various human emotions that would make them function like the living beings. With this advancement, robots would be controllable, thus enhancing the security systems. Finally, the mass use of robots is likely to stimulate diverse scientific research, marketing, innovation and self-improvement possibilities.

The Future of Robots

Robots are created through science fiction so as to carry out the functions that can be performed by the human beings. Robots are substantially related to automation that implies being controlled by a remote. It is a machine that can be automated in order to perform a physical effort. With automation, robots can, therefore, be controlled by a remote or be operated by people. In addition, robots can act autonomously with any human control. In the previous years, robots were remote controlled or operated by the human beings. In the future, robots are expected to function autonomously without any human effort. In this regard, they will be designed in ways in which they will be integrated in all aspects of human activities.

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Humanoid Robots

The forthcoming future is likely to have the robots that resemble human beings in all manners. The prediction is based on the past developments, such as transport systems and cities. A critical look at all aspects of development reveals that they have been created to suite some social movements. The transport systems, such as cars, trains, lifts, airplanes, doors, staircases, rooms, and cupboards, have all been designed to cater for personal needs. With all these aspects of development, it is clear that a man is likely to make robots whose main aim is to replace human labor. With modern developments, robots have to be tall enough to reach some high shelves. In addition, the robots must have a standard height so as to go through the human doors. Therefore, future robots must have features that are of great necessity within all spheres of human life.

From the above-mentioned situation, it is apparent that the human scale would be used in order to design the future robots. Some robots will be required to be small to carry out the duties that involve the floor. An example of this is a robot that acts like a vacuum cleaner. Those that will act as cars will have to be huge enough to hold many passengers. There will have to be the big robots that will replace workers in various industries. The human features in robots will be mainly applied in the indoor robots that will be required to carry out the house chores. However, developing human-like robots will be faced with a number of issues, such as retrofitting, replacements, and compatibility.

Mass Production

It is apparent that all people require help when undertaking various activities. The most common support would be applicable in the manufacturing industry. Most of the duties in industries are conducted by a man. However, using human energy and skills is associated with diverse challenges. To begin with, human beings can only work within a stated period after which they get tired. In addition, human production is low compared with what robots would produce. Finally, human beings are prone to error due to human weakness. On the other hand, robots can make mass production with high accuracy. With the development of robots, production is likely to shift from a small scale to a large one. The robot technology will be too complex to be applied in small scale production.

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With robots, there would be an increased demand that will rise to millions. With human labor replacement, the production cost is likely to go down drastically. The production would be cheap, but large scale. Though robots are expected to make many people jobless, they will help in the wealth creation that will be enough to provide for all human needs. Consequently, people will have time to enjoy life with less work. Maybe, most people will only need to stay at home while the wealth created would be used to sustain them. Mass production will make the companies and governments rich. However, this wealth will be used to give people a quality life that they enjoyed when they were employed. The robots are, therefore, likely to create a haven where people will enjoy life with little effort.

Demand Mismatch

One of the greatest fears concerning the introduction of robots is lack of a vigorous marketing system. It is feared that robots will reduce the marketing network, thus creating surpluses in some places and shortages in others. The companies that deal with clothing, shelter and food are likely to have great services and distribution centers that will be operated by robots. With the increased large scale production, the economy is likely to have an endless virtual stretch. With a new virtual stretch, some advanced selling techniques and marketing channels would be of great need.

However, the selling and marketing strategies are likely not to undergo some timely adjustments. The effects will be on those who will benefit from the chain of production. In some cases, there will be mass production of goods that are not needed by consumers. On the other hand, the goods that will be on high demand may not be available. Consequently, some producers are likely to make huge fortunes from the goods that are scarce. Therefore, some entrepreneurs will make higher profits and live more luxuriously than the ordinary people.

Disappearance of Job Sectors

One can imagine how the world would look like with robots that would have human capacities. Robots are likely to be caring, intelligent, efficient, and thoughtful. Maybe, some profession, such as teaching, will be taken over by robots. They are expected to understand the school curriculum and the needs of students. Robots will have to treat and discipline students in the same way the human teachers do. They will have to set exams and mark the students based on the right answers. It is also expected that the robots will have the ability to provide counseling to students.

Robots will replace the restaurants and hotel attendants. The hotel robots will be required to be courteous and ready to respond to all customers’ orders. They will have to understand different recipes so as to cook food that suits personal tastes and preferences. The retail and sales persons will also be replaced by robots. People will have to make orders to robots or give directions, and robots will do the delivery. Robots will be equipped with modern technology on drugs and sicknesses to replace doctors and nurses. They will be required to make an accurate diagnosis of diseases, as well as a proper drug prescription. In the case of a surgery, robots will make a step by step surgery with all caution that is required.

In addition, people will be served in banks by robots. They will be equipped with the latest business knowledge and techniques that will allow them to function in the banking industry without making any financial losses.

There will be no need for surveillance cameras and traffic police. All roads will be equipped with the robot officers who will control the traffic flow and handle lawbreakers. The police robots will be responsible for arresting and taking the lawbreakers to court. Thieves would also apprehend with a great ease by robots.

Though this is likely to make work easier, one may wonder what human beings will do. In addition, one may wonder whether there would be a perfect world without mistakes since mistakes are attributed to human beings. It is not known whether it is possible to equip robots with human emotions. For example, it is not clear whether robots will have the ability to smile, sympathize or reason. If all these factors are not possible, the world will not be fun with robots doing everything.

Emotions-controlled Robots

The main control mechanism for all living things is the presence of emotions. Emotions emerge from one's conscious, preventing one from doing some absurd things. Emotions, such as love, pity, mercy, compassion and hate among others, are vital in regulating human behavior. Most of the behavior patterns in human beings and some animals are regulated by emotions. Some emotions, such as shame, guilt and fear, prevent the human beings from acting in an inhumane manner. The way how the human beings react with their hands or legs depends on the brain that sends responses relating to the emotional state. People with emotions of anger tend to attack others with whom that they are angry. In addition, people with emotions of love tend to be excessively protective and to care about their loved ones.

Robots of a new generation will be equipped with human emotions that will make them act in certain ways. For instance, they should have an emotion of love so as to be a good house helper. The nurse and doctor robots will have to be empathetic and caring to respond to different medical cases efficiently. Doctor robots without pity and compassion are likely to conduct a surgery mercilessly. The teacher robots will be equipped with the emotions of understanding and concern that will allow them t handle students efficiently. The police robots will have to have patience and diligence so as to handle the lawbreakers without reacting severely. Without such emotions, police robots are likely to attack the lawbreakers mercilessly and even kill them in some instances. All robots will have to be equipped with the emotions of guilt and shame in order to prevent them from committing crimes. If robots resemble the human beings in all aspects, there will be a possibility that they will be prone to temptations and sins just like people. Nevertheless, it is not known whether there will be an instance where robots can be punished.

Robotic Emotions

It has been witnessed that pet animals tend to get wild sometimes and thus attack their masters. However, pets are always subject to their owners since they are tamed. The taming targets the emotional part of the pet. Given that robots will be expected to live with people in every aspect, they will have to be equipped with robotic emotions. The following emotions will be in the form of programs that will ensure that these robots are consistently tamed and that they do not get emotional. In some instances, house helpers get emotional and rebel against their masters. Robots will be programmed in such a way that they will consistently obey, without any aspect of rebellion.

One can imagine how it would be like as if all robots rebelled. As robots are machines, they would result in the huge human and material destructions. With the emotional programs, robots will be provided with acceptable social behavior. The human behavior will allow them to perceive and treat a man with obedience and respect. However, they will have some parts that will require human control so that they could be regulated in cases of rebellion.

Robotic Emotions as Motivating Factors

The future will have robots with all human features incorporated in them. Human beings have different emotions, such as fear, sadness, anger, disgust, jealousy, curiosity, love, embarrassment, pleasure, shame, surprise, and contempt. Human behavior and actions are controlled by these emotions. They motivate the human beings to do certain things so as to satisfy or calm down some emotions. While positive emotions contribute to a just society, negative emotions make people get involved into the set vices that are unacceptable. With the new robotic era, governments will have to make choices regarding which emotions to incorporate in robots. If emotions motivate the human beings to do certain things, then robots will be programmed with emotions that motivate them to serve them. Their brain will be programmed such that it will derive pleasure from serving the human beings.

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Robotic World with a Meaningful Life

The new future life will see robots performing all the intellectual and manual labor. The human beings will only enjoy and explore the exciting world. There will be increased research and innovation that will be conducted by robots. Human needs will advance, and robots will be programmed to produce more new goods. Everything will advance with the human beings devising more improved systems, entertainment options, education opportunities, and social networking. Robots will not, however, bridge a social gap between the poor and the rich. Inequalities will exist, and people should work harder to make life more meaningful.


Robots are machines that are automated to carry out the functions that are conducted by the human beings. While the current robots are remote controlled, the future ones are likely to be autonomous. They are likely to be programmed in such a way that they can carry out all human actions on their own. The future robots will increase production and replace the human beings in their jobs. However, they shall make production cheap and the enhance wealth accumulation. The obtained wealth will cater for all the needs of the jobless people. Robots will take over in all professions and industries, such as teaching, medicine, security, service industry among others. The future robots will also be equipped with some human emotions, such as love, compassion, empathy, guilt, shame, and concern among others. These emotions will allow robots to behave and reason as people do. In addition, robots will be programmed with emotions that will make them serve people consistently without rebellion.

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