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Oracles History and Growth

Over the years, Oracles has been a global leader in the provision of database software solutions. Additionally, it has been on the forefront of developing technologies and acquiring world-class companies. Its leadership has extended to*- cover the entire technology stack, including servers, storage, database, Middleware and cloud connectivity applications (Oracle, n.d.). Larry Ellison, the corporation’s founder, saw an opportunity and realized a business potential in the use of database models. He discovered a working prototype for a relational database that no single company in the world ever tried to commercialize (Oracle, n.d.). It is this idea that he, together with co-founders Bob Miner and Ed Oates, realized and which led to the creation of the Corporation. Throughout history, the corporation has proved to build future on its technological innovation and knowledge. Furthermore, Oracles has dedicated its efforts to continue providing its customers with both hardware and software applications that meet their hi-tech needs.

The corporation has made tremendous milestones all through its operations. Some notable milestones include: in 1982 when the relationship software inc. was renamed to Oracles systems and the Corporation hosted its first user conference in San Francisco. In 1985, it kept pace with emerging models with the release of Oracles version 5. Last but not least, in 1986, the organization goes public on the NASDAQ exchange.

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Strengths and Weaknesses within the Company

Oracles Corporation is one of the largest software businesses in the world. The company’s headquarters are located in Redwood. The organization employs over 84,200 people. It develops, produces, markets, and distributes software applications. The corporation’s research and development abilities are among its main strengths. This strategy has enabled it to continue to have a competitive advantage over other companies. It operates labs where a wide range of discoveries are made. Some examples of contributions and projects include Fortress, adaptive optimization, Maxine research VM, and scalable synchronization among others. These contributions have created a competitive advantage in technological industries. Other points of strengths include inorganic growth strategies and strong technical capabilities that continue supporting its current position as a brand. Moreover, the corporation continued to enhance its current position in the global market when it took over Sun Microsystems.

One notable weakness the company has faced is in its dependence on the US and European markets. For instance, during the fiscal year 2009-2010, the returns from these two regions amounted to 64% of the total revenues of the company. The lack of Corporation’s presence in most parts of the world, in particular, the Asian market is a weakness in itself. Furthermore, the heavy dependence of partners and alliances limits the company’s market expansion and direct control over international operations. Additionally, the high indebtedness of the corporation is another weakness.

External and Internal Environment

There are many opportunities for Oracle Corporation to continue growing in the global market. These opportunities include entering and increasing its presence in the Asian markets, especially in China and India, increasing its market share through the development of worldwide enterprise software, and raising investments in the production of virtualization software programs for additional revenues. Additionally, the company can maintain its market position through sophisticating its data storage services in order to satisfy the needs of their customers, and establish research and development initiatives for developing innovative software applications. Threats affecting the Corporation include the emergence of new technological companies, especially, in China and India. Moreover, Oracle finds it challenging to continue competing with these new businesses because they have access to cheaper resources.

Our Process

Analysis of the Findings

Oracle Corporation can continue to be among the largest software in the world if it takes note of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The company needs to concentrate its efforts and resources on developing new and affordable software applications. Additionally, there is a need for the company to expand its services to other parts of the world. Moreover, an organization has to reduce its dependence of partners and alliances. By doing so, it will be able to venture into new markets and have direct control over the global operations.

Corporate Level Strategy

The growth of Oracle Company stands on three principles. They include simplifying, standardizing and automating. The values include integrity, mutual respect, teamwork, communication, innovation, customer satisfaction, quality, fairness, compliance and business conduct. The Oracle’s mission statement is to deliver the best information with the highest quality of service at the lowest cost. The company’s products and services must be the fastest, most scalable, reliable, secure, and easy to use.

Business Level Strategy

The company’s success over other software companies depends on many strategies. First and foremost, Oracle needs to analyze their technical expertise and marketing strategies to match with that of their competitors. Competitive success factors include meeting the needs of customers in a better way than their competitors and developing h-tech innovations and competencies that lead to customer satisfaction. It is also important for Oracle to come up with more innovative products, rather than convincing their Clients to keep on upgrading. Additionally, the organization needs to put more focus on building its technical expertise to foster innovations. Moreover, acquisitions that increase competitive advantage must be sustained.

Our Benefits

Oracles Implementation

Modern computing infrastructures are complex and are constantly changing. It is, therefore, important for the corporation to set up these infrastructures properly from the beginning to the end. This approach saves time and reduces complex situations that may result in problems in future. The Corporation software and hardware products go through intensive testing and validation before they are released to its customers. Additionally, Oracle offers up-to-date marketing expertise to aid in implementing their services and strategies. The team ensures that the technology and services continue to support their clients’ goals and objectives.


Oracle strategy of innovation and thinking has been very impressive. However, it needs to advertise it more to the world and use it to satisfy its customers’ interests. Additionally, the corporation needs to gain more control over international markets by cutting its heavy reliance on partners and alliances. Moreover, the Corporation directors have to ensure that all of its products and services are standardized and integrated into different departments.  Apart from this, it needs to increase its budget on research and development. This approach is vital because it will increase its competition from other software companies. Furthermore, the corporation should concentrate its efforts on existing market position in providing software application.

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