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Aiding People in Achieving Better Adjustment

Life is a constant battle whereby individuals around the world are faced with different tribulations, some of which are adjustable for many people, but others find it hard to cope with them. To the latter, the problem is usually the fact that the concerned individuals have a hard time accepting that they need to confirm their way of life to the new reality or they may lack the knowledge necessary to handle the situation at hand. Psychologist expertise is thus needed to try to empower these people to attain their potential back and return to their usual self and more fulfilling life. This is a project proposal representing a well-thought effective program aimed at helping people discover their lost hope and aiding them in the attainment of better adjustment to their new realities.

Insights into the Program

This project is aimed at championing the need to accept the “self” for a better realization of one’s potential. Challenges are part of life, and it is up to people to adapt promptly to the prevailing circumstances. However, it is important to accept that people have different capabilities and tolerance levels, and, therefore, there is a need to create a center where individuals who require coping with necessary life adjustments can get the relevant help. It is the reason the program at hand should be enacted to help those who need help to adjust psychologically, physically and socially. With respect to attracting people, the program will contain counseling sessions to cater for those who need psychological help. It will also have a social therapy session, whereby people will be aided to cope better with their social setting. Moreover, it will also have a physiotherapy wing, whereby physiotherapists will teach people to handle their injuries that might have caused total or partial disability.

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Services Offered, Outlook, and Location of the Program

The program will be offering counseling services to help people with emotional challenges hindering them from attaining the relevant adjustment in their life. Besides, there will also be the provision of different physical therapy exercises that will help those who are suffering from physical challenges. It will provide care for individuals with a lack of total or partial mobility due to different accidents or diseases suffered previously. The program at hand aims at helping people to realize their hidden ability necessary in making different adjustments. In respect to this, there is the need to ensure that the environment where people will go through the program should help the client relax. Therefore, it should be quiet, airy and friendly to help those seeking help feel calm. Moreover, there is the need to ensure that all employees, both the expert and the subordinate staff, are friendly. In addition, there is a need to ensure that those who are actively involved in counseling and related correcting undertakings are qualified experts. It is a result of the fact that the majority of those seeking psychological help to make adjustments to their new life are either vulnerable or desperate. Thus, they demand professionalism and a special approach.

In terms of the location of the center, there is a need to ensure that it is easily accessible and surrounded by a good road network system. The latter will be helpful particularly to those with total or partial mobility. Moreover, the main task is to ensure that the center will be located as far as possible from noisy town regions. It needs to bring calmness to all involved in this delicate but helpful and necessary undertaking.


As mentioned earlier, the goal at hand is the provision of relevant support to people who need to make adjustments that can be physical or emotional and necessary for them to be able to manage their life. Moreover, there is the need to accept and appreciate that the main problem hindering people from making these adjustments can be fear, lack of self-believe or the absence of necessary support. A good illustration of this assertion is an example of a person has lost his/her limb after an accident and now has to make adjustments to his/her new life. The person at hand can suffer from a psychological barrier whereby he or she feels inferior. Thus, it discourages him or her from taking necessary steps towards the attainment of self-efficiency in one’s new way of life as a disabled person.

One of the challenges faced by those people, who become disabled or experience a new form of disability, is self-evaluation leading to adjustments. It is brought about by the consequences of negative demeanor mostly shown towards people with disabilities. A person also has to deal with changed expectations from the family and society at large. The challenge comes about in the form of how well the individual at hand can deal with the shock caused by the new disability experience. It concerns how well people deal with the challenge that either makes them adjust promptly or experience hindrances in the process of making necessary changes. Therefore, to handle problems at various stages, the program will have to modes of courses, short-term and long-term.

Our Process

Short-Term Course


The vision of the course is improving the level of awareness among patients through a healthy exchange enabling them to discover their hidden ability.


The main goals of the short-term course include:

  • Creating a healthy relationship with patients.
  • Identifying all possible forms of factors that may hinder patients from making necessary adjustments.
  • Providing patients with relevant information.
  • Improving the level of self-esteem among patients.


In the short-term course, the aim is to improve the way patients perceive themselves under their current predicament. Having in mind that the target group comprises those people who need to handle problems that require them to adjust physically, psychologically and socially, the first mode of treatment is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). It will be helpful in improving patients’ level of self-esteem and optimally their level of confidence. Under this form of treatment, the aim is to deal with three forms of symptoms, shock, denial and anger or depression.

Once a person experiences new challenges in life, the first problem he or she faces is a shock. At this stage, a very high level of emotional imbalance can last for weeks, thereby necessitating the psychological therapy to help the patient deal with negative emotions. Denial is another problem that can prolong the time needed to make necessary adjustments. In this situation, the concerned party reacts negatively to the loss suffered and changes the one is experiencing in terms of social treatment and status. The countermeasure here is to help the patient accept the new reality in his/her life. The key point of emphasis in the treatment of patients is that “you are still yourself”.

Long-Term Course


The vision of the long-term course is improving the level of patients’ acceptance of their new way of life and empowering them.


Goals of this course are as follows:

  • Improving patients’ level of acceptance of their new reality.
  • Improving patients’ adjustment level thereby aiding them in receiving emotional charge out of their life.
  • Providing necessary support to patients in the line of empowering them.
  • Ushering the patient out to society as an empowered individual full of confidence and hope.


Patients who will be under this treatment need to have undergone a successful short-term course and be able to accept themselves despite the new challenges they face. However, in most cases, at this level, individuals are not happy completely, but they have started accepting their new selves. Having interacted with other people facing similar challenges, patients can learn how to cope with the circumstances in the best way. Once patients start accepting who they are, the relevant help at this stage is empowerment. Here they will be taken through thorough training on how to realize the potential in them. Rediscovering the latter is vital in helping exploit their life positively by removing ‘bad energy’ in them that accounts for the greatest hindrances towards adjustment.

Experts will help patients master different crafts required in enabling them to live a more fulfilling life as an independent, happy person. Those with the disability for the first time or new forms will be trained on how to handle their life. It can be attained through training patients on how to use wheelchairs, braille, walking stick, and clutches to name but a few. The desired result is to have patients who can provide self-care since it influences their self-esteem greatly leading to a more improved level of confidence and acceptance.


It is good to appreciate that when one gets psychological help when he or she is experiencing new challenges, be it social, psychological or physical, he or she can see the bright side of the predicament. Therefore, this program is aimed at helping people realize the problem at hand clearly, learn how to handle the situation well and be able to make the required adjustments. It is the core mandate of psychological help whereby the patient can empower him/herself through the improved level of awareness of the problem/challenge. There is an optimal belief that through subjecting patients to short-term and long-term levels of treatment, they are going to be more empowered, happy and more than ready to face life as proud individuals without limitations.

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