What Our Paper Writing Company Guarantee For Students

Because Super-Essays-Service.com is, essentially, a relatively cheap writing service, we are very proud to be able to offer our customers the finest quality papers at affordable prices. When they decide to purchase essays or term papers from our company, students can be certain all transactions are risk-free thanks to our comprehensive range of solid guarantees. To the best of our company’s knowledge, our writing service is the only one that offers such great guarantees at cheap prices. We guarantee everything we do in order to make those students who use our services feel confident and secure knowing they have invested their money wisely. Therefore, you can confidently purchase any type of paper you need from Super-Essays-Service.com.

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Our guarantees include:

Honesty in All Transactions

We promise that the information you see on our website is entirely truthful. Super-Essays-Service.com does not deal in “bait,” false advertising, or empty promises. Each claim we make is followed through. It is for this reasons that large numbers of students in every part of the world choose our company every day over other cheap online writing services.

Papers on Super-Essays-Service.com are Fully Custom-Written and Original

The QA team at Super-Essays-Service.com test each completed paper to ensure it is entirely original. Our company does not tolerate plagiarism, and our diligent writers never plagiarize other materials when creating papers. Each text is crafted meticulously from the instructions the customer provides. Every document is freshly written from scratch exclusively for the person who orders it and is, therefore, fully original. This is guaranteed. Customers may request a plagiarism report as proof of authenticity, and we will send this with your completed order.

Complete Confidentiality

At Super-Essays-Service.com, we do not abuse the trust that our customers place in us. We guarantee, therefore, to treat your order in the strictest confidence. Our company differs from other writing services in that we do not sell or share customer information with any third party. It is not uncommon, for instance, for us to be approached by various marketing entities making lucrative offers for customer data. We do not comply. Each transaction between Super-Essays-Service.com and its customer is kept 100% private. We appreciate that there is considerable risk in dealing with a lot of online writing companies. But this is not so with us.

Highly Secure Payment Processing

Our company accepts payment via all main credit and debit cards. We additionally accommodate PayPal transactions to make life convenient for anyone who does not wish to pay by credit card. The PayPal system is an entirely secure online payment method. We use SSL encryption methods throughout our website. This means that credit card payments are safe. Our web administrators use every available measure to ensure security is maintained. Regular checks are carried out to ensure that credit card data is never compromised.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Super-Essays-Service.com, we value every customer. To show our appreciation, we constantly strive to ensure each person who orders from us is satisfied. In the event you have any reason to feel dissatisfied with our work, you can apply for a free revision. In the case of orders of less than 20 pages, we accommodate free revisions for up to two (2) days past deadline and, in the case of orders that are comprised of 20 pages or more, free revisions are offered for up to 30 days. We will require revision instructions from you and you should bear in mind that initial instructions should not be changed. In the event you are still not satisfied with your revised paper, you may ask for your money back. We accommodate refund applications for up to two (2) weeks (or 14 days) after an original deadline has expired and you must provide a detailed explanation as to why the refund is being requested. Our managers will examine your application and respond in three to four working days. This removes any risk from using our online writing service.